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Our Expertise

  • Business & Technology Consulting 

  • Blockchain integration within your existing businesses

  • Customised Enterprise software solutions 

  • Landing pages & website integration with payment gateways

  • Full website application development

  • Trading Platforms development 

  • Business Consultancy with hybrid blockchain solutions 

  • Python bots

  • Fully decentralised and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure integration using various blockchain technologies such as Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, R3, Ethereum, etc

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Techspeedy is a custom business consulting and technology development company providing  complete software design and development service. Techspeedy delivers the best in class custom software solutions, elite software development teams and innovative cloud software to enterprise business across numerous industries.

We believe new technologies are the lifeline of every business in the modern age and aim to connect businesses across all industries to innovative software, technological development, solutions and services, in a manner that’s faster, easier and better than ever before.

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