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Market Update

Explanation of the TA, and how one can get REKT:

1) Current Market: Higher High (HH) > Higher Low (HL) > Higher High (HH) > Higher Low (HL) This is the bullish continuation trend structure !

2) The Bear market is officially confirmed only when BTC forms: Higher High (HH) / Higher Low (HL) / Lower High (LH) / Lower Low (LL)

This is the trend reversal structure. And only THEN you can start talking about the end of the marketupdate-explanationofthetaBull Run.

And now the explanation of the market psychology:

When investors are screaming about $30k and closing their positions in loss - this is the moment when you have to buy more. Warren Buffet said: "Be greedy when others are fearful, and be Fearful when others are greedy.'' WHY, you might ask? It's simple. The market is driven by only two powerful emotions – greed and fear. Smart money understands that fact, and exploits it to it's own benefit.

It's insane that everyone wanted to buy Bitcoin at $69,000, but now that it is at $43,000 the herd has disappeared and waiting for the $30k.

One can laugh all they want because some of the latest ideas didn't come in, but it's obvious when some investors don't understand the main message. Like you didn't understand it the last time when BTC was at $30k and we telling the same thing under every post.

We will now post, at the next new all time high. Our clients, aren't writing such comments or worried at all as they began to grasp a deeper understanding of the market, and are seeing the bigger picture. Looking at the price only and exclusively, never made anyone, any profits. There's so much more to trading than just this.

Bigger picture : #BTC is just starting 🚀

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